Aren’t You Glad You Weren’t Aborted? … September 16, 2013

This issue is never settled. It never will be completely settled unless the education level becomes greater.

The question in the title: “Aren’t you glad you weren’t aborted?” is asked in many pro-life pleadings. The answer is, of course, everyone is glad to be something non-existencerather than be nothing. Turning the question around a little bit and asking instead “What if your mother had aborted you?”, is something the pro-life crowd avoids. If your mother had aborted you, you would not be aware of it. You couldn’t care, because you’re not. Your non-existence would simply continue. You would not be around to contemplate the question.

Do you have a memory retained from before you were born, before you were conceived? I used to think I had a memory of being MH900283814born, of emerging from the birth canal, a squeezing, like being crushed out by some log. Then I learned that I was born through  a caesarean  procedure. I was cut out like some tumor, some parasite. There was no squeezing, no forcing out, I was simply removed.

Let’s take this pro-life label and examine it. Actually, it turns out that it is a pro-fetus stance, and has little to do with life after birth. The pro-life crowd is not concerned about what happens to a child after it is born. Its quality of life after birth is not at the center of their concern. All that matters to these people is that the woman be forced to carry the fetus until it is to term, even if it kills her.

einstein1912Usually the pro-life stance is the result of religious beliefs. An abortion would interfere with God’s great plan. Often they ask “What if the next Einstein ends up aborted?” Many answer with “What if the next Hitler ends up aborted?” In desperation they ask “Don’t you have any compassion as to what that child might have become, what part it might play in God’s plan?” Unconcerned with quality of life on this planet they would have women pumping out children until theycrowd are exhausted, until we stand elbow to elbow, until you need the cooperation of the hitler2crowd simply to turn around. What good is life, without quality of life? Is the possibility of dying at each other’s throats, killing each other like rats in a cage too small,  what the writer in the Bible meant to happen when exhorting people to go forth and multiply?

One argument used by the pro-fetus crowd is the possibility that by twenty weeks a fetus neural-network-2develops the neural net capable of feeling pain. Yet, only 1.3 percent of abortions occur after 20 weeks. The highest number of abortions(32%) occur less than six weeks in. Forty-nine percent occur less than seven weeks in. Sixty-four percent less than 8 weeks in. Ninety-seven percent occur in less than 20 weeks. Yet, they would deny an abortion for any reason no matter the consequences.

It is the pro-life crowd, no, the pro-fetus crowd, that lacks compassion. They care not about the quality of life, they care only about the quantity. Many in the pro-life crowd hold fast to a belief in the death penalty. They would force the community to put to death a life as an “Eye for an Eye” while in the same breath proclaiming that abortion is murder. These same “good Samaritans” oppose Euthanasia. We treat our dogs and cats better than people when they are Tearsold and in pain. They insist people die in “God’s time” not human time. God’s will be done, regardless of the suffering, the pain, the lack of consciousness, in spite of the pleading “please let me go.” 

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6 Responses to Aren’t You Glad You Weren’t Aborted? … September 16, 2013

  1. john zande says:

    All debates i’ve had with pro-lifers (and there have been many) they seem at pains to not mention their god. In fact, from my experience, they refuse to even bring it up even when challenged. I try to make them admit it because it forces the debate then into them proving the existence of the soul. Unable to do that they are left with the biological explanations of fetal development, and that means not until week 25 does the fetus exhibit sustained brain activity; meaning it can “die” in any traditional sense of the word.

  2. This is an important topic. I’m glad you are getting people to think about it

  3. Ironsides says:

    Your accusation that all pro-lifers care about, is carrying the baby full-term, even if the mother dies in the process, is a very despicable attitude. Pro-lifers have been very clear about exceptions, when a mother’s own life is in danger.

    You abortionists/euthanasiasts are all the same. Anybody else’s life but your own selfish life doesn’t count.

    Even rape victims should not be so depressed, that she aborts her baby, rather than give the baby up for adoption. There are couples where one of the partners is infertile, and would jump at the chance to adopt a baby, instead of butcher it.

  4. drenn1077 says:

    I have talked to many fundamentalist pro-lifers. They insist, regardless of qualification, that the child be carried to term. No allowances for the health or life of the mother, no consideration of the health or quality of life of the newborn.
    You can try to twist your reasoning around to make empty allegations, but it means nothing. The truth is, it is the Pro-lifer, actually, Pro-fetus crowd that is without compassion and without caring.
    Abortion is neither murder, nor butchering. Most abortions, about 97%, occur before the fetus develops a neural net capable of feeling pain.
    As far as euthanasia, it is a more dignified life to die when there is no more quality of life, at a time of one’s own choosing, rather than to linger in pain and agony begging your heartless relatives, or calloused unfeeling doctor to simply turn off the switch, or give you that final, needed, pain reliever.

  5. drenn1077 says:

    There are atheists who oppose abortion, Nat Hentoff comes to mind. Yet, by and large, it takes the ignorance provided by the programming of religion to assume the absolute anti-abortion some hold.

  6. drenn1077 says:

    Having just read about your mission I can readily understand your ravings.

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