Is Resistance Futile? … September 11, 2013

One Evil Beast at Rest

Christianity went through a period a few hundred years ago during which thousands died and thousands more suffered injustice. The murder, mayhem, and destruction occurred because one belief system rose to power and could do as it pleased. Over the many centuries since, due to education as well as improvements in the quality of life, the power of Christianity to carry out its edicts waned.
Thankfully many Cherry picking ChristianChristians cherry pick the passages they wish to obey today, with those who retain full faith among the minority. Even though many a right wing conservative Christian politician would like to see a return of their faith to power, and work to enact laws to that end, those that see the value in a separation of church and state have so far prevailed.


The Open Door of Tolerance, or Who Let That In?

The other evil, that of Islam, has found a flaw, perhaps a fatal one, in our Democratic Republic. They point at our constitution in America and note the hands-off religion declarations. The open door invites them in with the promise of tolerance. Then the people, those of Islam, do what they do in every country they have been invited in: Islam will dominate the worldThey multiply with rapidity.

Politicians exclaim that Islam is a peaceful religion. These claims are made despite the truth that the faith exhorts its followers to crush all non-believers. Will the United States soon suffer the fate of Britain where the Islamic population has grown to such proportions that demands have been made to install Sharia law?

Monsters All

There are those that claim that since America is so thoroughly Christian that such a fate would not befall it. Many promote the cooperation of Christianity and those who do not believe at all in an effort to deter Islam. Yet Christianity can be as demanding as Islam. All religions propose what they believe is the proper way to live, some,this-is-a-kindness-doctor-who-robot-plunger_design like Christianity and Islam, claim their god tells them they must spread their faith. They are told by doing so they are helping those they appropriate avoid some horrible end. They actually believe they are performing a kindness.

The Bitter Solution 

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the citizens of the United States were told that to protect them, the government would have to limit or curtail some freedoms. No one could imagine the steps that would be put in place before this tragedy.

ripped_constitutionNow it seems the only solution to the problems of Islam is for America to make an exception. Freedom of Religion for all, except the followers of Islam. Toleration must take a blow.

What else is there to do about a belief system that has as one unshakable tenet, the conquest of the entire planet?

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10 Responses to Is Resistance Futile? … September 11, 2013

  1. john zande says:

    I just have to share this with you:

  2. drenn1077 says:

    I was thinking this was some kind of parody, joke. This is outrageous. It is amazing how they can justify their bigotry. On the other hand, I have always felt that the religious, those that serve god and not man, should not be allowed to run for public office.

  3. john zande says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

  4. Down this path lies darkness. You cannot discriminate on the sole basis of religion. To do so would be to do the same thing countless of totalitarian societies have done the world over. Of course limits can be imposed, but these limits should never be tailor-made for the views of a specific subset, especially when you claim to support freedom. Also the vast majority of Muslims out there do not want to takeover the world. Instead of striking against the entire group and painting them in a broad brush, it would do you well to support those that wish to see their religion turn to peace.

  5. drenn1077 says:

    Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. I doubt whether this will ever change unless Christians decide to make their religion the only religion. Over 70% of Americans claim to be of Christian persuasion.
    Muslims that enter this country see the guarantee and initially at least tolerate other belief systems along side their own. However, they do not adapt to the country and live as separately as they can here. Once they gain a majority in an area, or at least a large group of individuals, they begin to insist that the laws be changed to accommodate their belief system. This has happened in England and France, and it is my understanding that the same thing is happening in Spain. Whether intentionally or as a byproduct of their beliefs the modus operandi seems to be to enter a country, over reproduce, gain a majority and “peacefully” change the government into an Islamic one. The concept of moderate Islam seems to be an invention of the Western society and may not exist at all.
    So it seems, our constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion is a weakness which leaves Islam free to exploit. The only solution, which I think will never be taken, is to ban those religions that have the potential to become violent, to stop those religions that have built in mandates to suppress or eliminate all opposition. Unfortunately, with over 70% of America claiming Christian affiliation this solution will never see the light of day as the Christian religion itself possesses the attributes that eventually lead it to take action to limit or eliminate opposition as well. So if we take the action of banning religions that have mandates to rule, as Christianity clearly does, then Christianity would be banned as well. Fortunately there are moderate and liberal Christians and they are the majority among Christians. These Christians do not take the bible literally and cherry pick the scriptures they desire to obey. Nevertheless, today there are Christians in the American government who attempt very frequently to present legislation solely for the purpose of instilling their religious beliefs into law. We used to have blue laws. They were found unconstitutional and repealed. They were always unconstitutional so how did they ever see the light of day. No doubt Christians in government using power given to them by the people were able to insert their belief that working on Sunday was a bad thing into law.
    Another solution would be to keep all religious out of government. Good luck with that.

  6. There would always be a struggle in the creation of laws between the religious and those that don’t agree with them, be they irreligious or of another religion. My point though is that taking the extreme end (i.e. ban religion, or ban x religion) will not solve anything. The religious would simply revolt. The only way they would be unable is if they are too few, and the fact that they cannot revolt due to numbers doesn’t make their oppression right.

    I understand that all too frequently religious people try to push laws that are based on their faiths and use these to control others. The solution is to have a framework that prevents this from happening, not an outright law that restricts certain religions. The current situation in Britain (I can’t speak to France and Spain, although oddly enough Spain was once ruled by Muslims) is one of voluntary following of Sharia law, not compulsory. In areas where Sharia clashes with British law, British law is supposed to be upheld. Now this doesn’t always happen, whether due to fear of discrimination within the Muslim community or ignorance of the supremacy of British Law, but the framework is sound and honestly doesn’t need changing. It simply needs enforcing.

    Saying freedom of religion except for Muslims (or Christians for that matter) will not solve anything. It would simply create more enemies, and in the case of some Muslims validate their desire to conquer all so that such oppression can never happen to them.

  7. drenn1077 says:

    We have a framework, it’s called the Constitution. Unfortunately, when the religious run for and acquire office they are often successful in subverting the Constitution.
    It’s the old story about the frog in the pan of water. Slowly it is brought to boil and before the frog knows it, it’s cooked.
    Islam is a patient religion. They are good at biding their time. Today, they grant, they are not in charge. In a hundred years or so, we may be in the Dark Ages again.
    Frameworks are fine as long as those in charge respect and enforce those frameworks. But, if those that wish the framework changed acquire power, the framework may be the first thing to go.
    Islam considers those that do not believe in Allah are infidels. Infidels either must be converted, oppressed, or eliminated. Eliminated means killed. Even Christians must either convert to Islam or be eliminated, even though both religions have the same god.
    I look upon religions as I look upon a disease. We in the United States presently have a major Christian infection. The last thing we need is another disease. Like you, I am at a loss to find a solution to what I see as a real threat.

  8. I personally think dialogue is a wonderful means of combatting the “threat of religion”. Like I said before, a good chunk of people, Christians, Muslims, Jews, whatever, don’t really want to take over the world. A few extremist leaders here and there maybe. Many people simply want to live their lives in peace, without feeling attacked or threatened. Supporting the people in various religions that want peace and engaging in open constructive dialogue with them would go much farther than trying to limit their freedoms. People do terrible things when they feel their backs are against the wall, whether or not they are in actuality. You mentioned moderate and liberal Christians. I know I’ve met very many moderate Muslims. Driving them into the arms of their extremist brothers is not going to help anyone.

  9. drenn1077 says:

    I sincerely hope you are right, i.e., there really are moderate Muslims. I hope, I really do, that these people who assert that the concept of moderate Islam is just a Western construct are absolutely wrong. I fear they are not. It is not necessarily the individual who you need to worry about. It is the religion you need to worry about when a great number of individuals become a large population. As we all know, people behave much differently when they are part of a crowd than when by themselves.
    I have argued points of contention with many Christians. I have found that compromise means for them that you accede to their way of thinking. You can present whatever logical argument you desire, but for the devoted it means nothing. It seems that for the population itself to change its members have to receive less and less indoctrination as youth. The parents or instructors of the faith have to become more and more liberal or at least lackadaisical in instruction. That is part of the reason public schools need to be maintained and vouchers for private schooling, including home schooling, avoided. Education is the key.

  10. That’s something we can agree on. Education is key. The more people are exposed to varied ideas at youth, the more accepting and tolerant they can be when they grow.

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