Is Resistance Futile? … September 11, 2013

One Evil Beast at Rest

Christianity went through a period a few hundred years ago during which thousands died and thousands more suffered injustice. The murder, mayhem, and destruction occurred because one belief system rose to power and could do as it pleased. Over the many centuries since, due to education as well as improvements in the quality of life, the power of Christianity to carry out its edicts waned.
Thankfully many Cherry picking ChristianChristians cherry pick the passages they wish to obey today, with those who retain full faith among the minority. Even though many a right wing conservative Christian politician would like to see a return of their faith to power, and work to enact laws to that end, those that see the value in a separation of church and state have so far prevailed.


The Open Door of Tolerance, or Who Let That In?

The other evil, that of Islam, has found a flaw, perhaps a fatal one, in our Democratic Republic. They point at our constitution in America and note the hands-off religion declarations. The open door invites them in with the promise of tolerance. Then the people, those of Islam, do what they do in every country they have been invited in: Islam will dominate the worldThey multiply with rapidity.

Politicians exclaim that Islam is a peaceful religion. These claims are made despite the truth that the faith exhorts its followers to crush all non-believers. Will the United States soon suffer the fate of Britain where the Islamic population has grown to such proportions that demands have been made to install Sharia law?

Monsters All

There are those that claim that since America is so thoroughly Christian that such a fate would not befall it. Many promote the cooperation of Christianity and those who do not believe at all in an effort to deter Islam. Yet Christianity can be as demanding as Islam. All religions propose what they believe is the proper way to live, some,this-is-a-kindness-doctor-who-robot-plunger_design like Christianity and Islam, claim their god tells them they must spread their faith. They are told by doing so they are helping those they appropriate avoid some horrible end. They actually believe they are performing a kindness.

The Bitter Solution 

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the citizens of the United States were told that to protect them, the government would have to limit or curtail some freedoms. No one could imagine the steps that would be put in place before this tragedy.

ripped_constitutionNow it seems the only solution to the problems of Islam is for America to make an exception. Freedom of Religion for all, except the followers of Islam. Toleration must take a blow.

What else is there to do about a belief system that has as one unshakable tenet, the conquest of the entire planet?

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