Who Am I? … September 18, 2013

Some say that everyone has three faces: One for the public, one for family, one for self.

But I say human beings change throughout their lives. The face one wears now was not the face worn yesterday, nor will it be the face worn tomorrow.

The daily procession of images and information has an impact. To remain unchanged means you must not be part of the procession. Even if you partake in sensory deprivation it is a change. It could lead to eventual madness, but that is a change also.

What is your fancy today? What do you enjoy now? Over a lifetime these both change. What strikes you funny today may not be so hilarious tomorrow. What seems so serious now will be trifling soon enough. No one can be sure how anyone might react today, tomorrow, or the next week about the same thing. We seem ruled by cycles, our moods changing by them. You might be interested today in bicycling but lose interest in a week only to regain interest in a month’s time. Up and down, over and under, in and out, ever changing.

We are all people who wear thousands of faces never one quite the same. We are all affected by what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.

Some people do not like change so they try to remember and emulate the past. Experiencing the same things over and over. Even then no two experiences are the same. To never change is boring. Some people have the ability, however, to endure higher levels of boredom. I have noticed that these people are dull and boring, always living in the past. If anyone were to come close to never changing, it would be those that dwell on things past.

There are two choices, get older or die. To get older you must embrace change. Change or die. Some people resist change and die inside. They are said to get old. While getting older is inevitable, to get old is to die.

So, I implore, wear your new face everyday through life’s up and downs. If you don’t like the face you’re wearing today know this, it won’t be the one you will wear tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Who Am I? … September 18, 2013

  1. john zande says:

    For some reason i’ve never been particularly interested in looking at myself in a mirror. There’s nothing wrong with me, i’ve been told i’m quite easy on the eye, i just never found gazing at myself at all interesting. I once went an entire year without even seeing a mirror until i sat down at a barbers and saw my beard for the first time. Yesterday i went to check out some new glasses frames and was confronted by my image staring back at me. Amazing! A different person, physically speaking… and that’s before we even talk about the inner changes.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    Have you ever stared at that image in the mirror? How can all that you are be contained in that organic shell? After a while you feel separate from that image. It is almost if you are experiencing a near death image of yourself while outside of your body. The illusion of consciousness. I know that image is me, we share that ability with some other animals. A cat does not know it is them and attempts to either fight the image or know the image by physically touching it. Chimps know it, elephants know it, even a dolphin knows that image is them. There’s something special there. There is something in our brains that makes the connection which most animals lack, self-awareness. What a wonderful illusion.

  3. john zande says:

    Indeed! We have enough processing power that we are able to double our thoughts (and observations) back and review them in an echo chamber which we have called the mind. Awareness, therefore, is always one step behind reality.

  4. drenn1077 says:

    Perhaps that is the reason there is a lag between thought and action.

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