He’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Corner When He Comes… July 22, 2013

I came across a question the other day, it was on the cover of a book, I think. It asked if the end times were ever going to end. This question was directed towards Christians.

Christians have believed since Jesus’ supposed time that Jesus was returning any day now to rescue them. Despite the fact that the Bible indicates Jesus meant that he would return during the lifetimes of many attending his sermons, and that he has never returned, you can hear Christians even today, two thousand years later,  exclaim that his return is imminent, just another day or so away. So don’t be naughty, be nice, do everything right, for Jesus… is coming to town… any day now.

apocalypse-road-sign-resized1It has become a standard comic relief portrayal in movies predicting doom, like 2012, to see some bearded long-haired human wreck holding a sign proclaiming the ‘end is near’.

Even if there were a God, and the Bible was His word, no Christian can be sure that their ultimate destination is heaven. Not because Jesus did not promise it, but because they cannot be sure that they haven’t broken some infinitesimal rule, or displeased their emotionally unstable God in some way. Perhaps they were inadvertently nice to someone they should not have been. Maybe they didn’t stone someone God wanted them so very much to smote. Maybe they saw some guy or gal they admired and had a mental fantasy. Whoops, instant highway to hell.Satan002

Analyzing this, one wonders if it is all some form of façade. They claim to want the end of the world to occur, yet, it is only part of the veneer, a display to egg the audience on. How can anyone who is a human being, especially a parent (why bother having children?), wish the end of humanity? Such an individual would be a candidate for Bellevue for sure. Imagine the crazed mental state of someone desiring the violent destruction of mankind.

Yet, when you see the works of those who claim to believe, as they attain office in governments, you see some of the callousness such deity belief would produce. Policies are formulated on short term not long term schedules. After all, who needs to preserve the environment when… Jesus is just right around the corner, on his way. Why do anything to alleviate the misery of the poor,Poor Jesus will rescue them shortly. Besides, suffering is good for the soul.

Christians will always proclaim that doomsday is coming and is imminent. How else to entice the followers into action than to promise their holy reward will soon be realized.

So, will the end times ever come to an end? No, Christianity must maintain a perpetual end time scenario. The end, the reward, being just out of reach. The invoice for this reward to be paid by the rest of humanity, no doubt, in advance.

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8 Responses to He’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Corner When He Comes… July 22, 2013

  1. john zande says:

    Christianity is just a death cult. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  2. dpmonahan says:

    This could have been an interesting post critiquing the New Testament insistence on the immanent return of Christ and the 2000 year wait, but instead you chose to sink into caricature.
    1) Name one Christian denomination that teaches eternal hell-fire for the unconscious breaking of infinitesimal rules. Personal sin, by definition, has to be a deliberate act.
    2) You fail to wonder why the same Christian churches which teach the second coming also teach caring for the poor. It stems from the New Testament theme of “Whatsover you do to the least of my brothers..” which is set in a story (sheep & goats) about the second coming. That is, in the New Testament there is a connection between the last judgement and wanting to help others. A moment’s reflection or a touch of familiarity with the New Testament would have told you that.
    3) Attributing a politician’s myopic policies to matters of personal faith makes no sense. Are you saying that the politicians of Detroit set up a $19 billion ponzi scheme because they were secret members of a Doomsday cult?
    4) For the vast majority of Christian history the attitude towards the second coming has been “wait and see”. There have only been a relative handful of moments preaching “it is right here”. Judging all of Christianity by the Jehova’s Witnesses is like judging all gays by Jeffery Dahmer. Why attribute rare phenomena to the whole group? Because you just want a stick to hit people with.
    I’ve read your blog for a while. You can do better than this.

  3. drenn1077 says:

    1.The bible teaches that you risk hell-fire for thinking a lustful thought
    2.And yet Mother Teresa said suffering is good for the soul.
    3.Many a politician has clearly stated that they serve a higher power first, and man last.
    4.There have been many predictions of the end over the centuries. None of them have come true.
    Whereas I consider Christians willingly ignorant where their faith is concerned, the Jehovah Witnesses are a special kind of stupid.
    Just as there are different levels of infection of an agent so there is with Christianity. Just because some are only mildly afflicted does not mean they do not deserve attention.
    A stick to hit people with? It never fails that someone complains when their faith is under question. Yet, non-believers are described in Sunday sermons as being damned. Expresses of faith are made from public offices. Communities of Christians put up religious displays on public property without regard to other’s beliefs. If one non-believer speaks out he/she is shouted down.
    My message has always been the same.

  4. drenn1077 says:

    The truth is: We are not in the “End Times”. The “End times” wish is in reality a worship of death, a death-wish.
    Sin was invented so that religion could offer the cure. In this way it was possible to manipulate people into doing your bidding.
    They make the Bible seem more than it is, a book written by ignorant men, and by offering “interpretation” you can manipulate your followers into doing anything you might want. Revelation was most likely written by someone under a high produced by the drugs of the time. In fact, it was written as a rebuke of the Romans, in code, so that the writer would not suffer at the hands of the government who forbid criticism.

  5. You miss quite a few points in your post. The notion that a tiny infinitesimal sin would damn someone to hell is not held by any major branch of Christianity, at least not to my knowledge. Some believe that simple acceptance of Christ confirms salvation forever, while others (Catholics) believe that certain sins, without remission or reconciliation, can remove such salvation.

    You are right in your confusion concerning a person wishing the end-of-times and trying to sustain their world, but you must understand that often times people don’t think about things like this. Once you do, you realise the huge amounts of cognitive dissonance required to maintain beliefs, but I’m sure you already knew that 😉 My blog tries to deconstruct some of the fundamental beliefs in Christianity, and even my head hurts sometimes writing about it.

    I do think that you read too much into the apparently self-destructive tendencies of some politicians. Most of the time I think it just boils down to genuine ideology (meaning they would hold these beliefs regardless of religious inclination) or simple incompetence. There is, after all. a saying about conspiracy and stupidity

  6. drenn1077 says:

    Why does God make rules, commandments? Why keep them if it doesn’t matter? “Some believe that simple acceptance of Christ confirms salvation forever”. If this is so, then after accepting Christ is this why many Christians are able to go back to what they were doing before acceptance: fornication, adultery, lust, etc.? Under those beliefs, that is, that all it requires is one time acceptance, even I, an atheist, am saved. That is until the moment I denied the holy spirit. You mention Catholics, yet I know Catholics that feel as long as they confess they can do anything they want: murder, adultery. The only sin I know that is not forgivable is denying the holy ghost.

    Do you often wonder why Christians do not explode due to the deep contradictions of their faith? (perhaps some do, in fits of anger and frustration) Does such contradictory thoughts flowing through their heads cause deep stress? I found that when I let go of such beliefs years ago that I experienced a peacefulness not unlike that many people feel when they first come to believe, thinking that they were free, only later to realize the obligations of their faith, the pretenses they sometimes must maintain to allow them to bring others to the faith. My sense of peace was retained, though life’s stresses are still present, they are my stresses, and I deal with them.
    I am not surprised your head might throb after trying to use reason to wrap your head around some of the concepts involved in fundamental beliefs. Perhaps you have to be one with such faiths to understand. Perhaps they live in two worlds, each kept separate by compartmentalization.

    I am not sure about your statement “self-destructive tendencies of politicians”. If they believe in a higher power and serve it before the people then they have done a disservice to their constituency. If, like George Bush, they believe they must work towards Revelation’s Armageddon then how could this be good for humanity? If their beliefs include the dominion of the earth, to be used as humanity desires, and that it doesn’t matter whether the environment suffers as long as business continues unabated, how can this serve the future? If they believe that humans are so pitifully ineffective that they cannot effect the climate of this creation of God’s hand then when will efforts ever be promoted to lessen the impact?
    Conspiracies may exist in the government, who knows, I do not believe in most that have gone the rounds over time. Yet, belief in an all powerful entity surely is a damaging thing. It relieves the believer from personal responsibility. If enough who believe these concepts are at the helm of any country, working, most likely without collaboration, but working nevertheless in the same direction, under the same delusions, though it be no conscious collaboration, it takes on the appearance of a conspiracy.
    As far as holding destructive tendencies without such beliefs I am sure that is possible, especially when persuaded by bags of money from corporate sources.
    As far as the completeness of my posts, if they generate conversation then they are as complete as necessary.

  7. Ah. I have asked these questions many times myself, and I intend to address some of them in coming posts, but many Christians, especially the Protestant kind, believe that “true” Christians, whether or not they slide back to sin on occasion, are deeply hurt and deeply sorry for their transgressions. It’s the same to an extent with Catholics. Confession isn’t some magical wand that absolves you… you’re technically supposed to actually be sorry.

    I’m currently in the stage of “anger and frustration” (more huge disappointment), and I suppose you made the change many years ago, but I am quickly discovering that many, like I said before, do not think like we do. As you said, it does seem many times like they live in two different worlds, compartmentalised to deal with issues as they arrive.

    Your points on serving the future are well-received; I suppose your view of the future is different from theirs? I do agree that its a problem; I just don’t think its purely a religious one. As you said, people are very good at compartmentalising. There are Christians that believe in climate change, and believe in working to abate it. There are non-religious people that want to conquer the world.

    Lastly LOL at your statement on completeness. I never meant to imply your posts were incomplete, but you have a point. If your intent was to spark discussion, you have succeeded.

  8. drenn1077 says:

    Many Christians claim a transformation. They claim they are changed by some sort of power when they accept Christ. If they are still able to return to habits or break the “rules” or commandments has there really been a change? I have, and I know other people can, change their behavior because they desire to change their behavior. If this change can occur without any supernatural transformation then what need is there for accepting an ideology which is so anti-human? My claim is that in reality the only transformation that occurs is within the Christian’s head, and only because he/she wants it to occur. Christians take affront at that claim, and accuse me of calling them liars. I do not think they are liars, I think that they really think they have undergone a transformation, only that, that transformation is not of the nature they claim. If it makes changes to the better in their nature, by itself that is good. Unfortunately, the nature of the ideology is such that they feel they must spread it, even forcefully, if they can.

    Your anger and frustration is very understandable. Things you have been taught during your upbringing have been found to be more propaganda than truth. I faced this years ago, anger mostly, at having been told what I found later were falsehoods. As I investigated the history of Christianity, how it morphed from Sun worship, to Son worship, I came to see the whole of it as merely man-made stories, concocted in an effort to explain the unexplainable, and in reaction to fear of death.

    There are many Christians who are more worldly than others who “have their heads in the clouds” constantly. These Christians are operating under another morph stage of Christianity, one resulting from our present times. It was either change their faith, or end up like me, without faith (not entirely true, I have faith in the human potential). Those non-religious that want to take over the world are simply not happy with the present status of humanity and want to change it to their liking. There have always been and always will be people who think they know a better way. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Most of the time the changes they want to make will cause a great portion of the planet’s people extreme misery, though the end result may be improvement. One conspiracy theory claimed that something I think was called Knights of the Templar, or some such name, wanted the population reduced to around 250 million for the whole planet. There’s seven billion people now. Are 6.75 billion simply to lay down and die? The end result might have been paradise for the lucky few, but who would want to go there?

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