He’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Corner When He Comes… July 22, 2013

I came across a question the other day, it was on the cover of a book, I think. It asked if the end times were ever going to end. This question was directed towards Christians.

Christians have believed since Jesus’ supposed time that Jesus was returning any day now to rescue them. Despite the fact that the Bible indicates Jesus meant that he would return during the lifetimes of many attending his sermons, and that he has never returned, you can hear Christians even today, two thousand years later,  exclaim that his return is imminent, just another day or so away. So don’t be naughty, be nice, do everything right, for Jesus… is coming to town… any day now.

apocalypse-road-sign-resized1It has become a standard comic relief portrayal in movies predicting doom, like 2012, to see some bearded long-haired human wreck holding a sign proclaiming the ‘end is near’.

Even if there were a God, and the Bible was His word, no Christian can be sure that their ultimate destination is heaven. Not because Jesus did not promise it, but because they cannot be sure that they haven’t broken some infinitesimal rule, or displeased their emotionally unstable God in some way. Perhaps they were inadvertently nice to someone they should not have been. Maybe they didn’t stone someone God wanted them so very much to smote. Maybe they saw some guy or gal they admired and had a mental fantasy. Whoops, instant highway to hell.Satan002

Analyzing this, one wonders if it is all some form of façade. They claim to want the end of the world to occur, yet, it is only part of the veneer, a display to egg the audience on. How can anyone who is a human being, especially a parent (why bother having children?), wish the end of humanity? Such an individual would be a candidate for Bellevue for sure. Imagine the crazed mental state of someone desiring the violent destruction of mankind.

Yet, when you see the works of those who claim to believe, as they attain office in governments, you see some of the callousness such deity belief would produce. Policies are formulated on short term not long term schedules. After all, who needs to preserve the environment when… Jesus is just right around the corner, on his way. Why do anything to alleviate the misery of the poor,Poor Jesus will rescue them shortly. Besides, suffering is good for the soul.

Christians will always proclaim that doomsday is coming and is imminent. How else to entice the followers into action than to promise their holy reward will soon be realized.

So, will the end times ever come to an end? No, Christianity must maintain a perpetual end time scenario. The end, the reward, being just out of reach. The invoice for this reward to be paid by the rest of humanity, no doubt, in advance.

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