The Race-Baiters … July 17, 2013

There had to be several thousand people in the street where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Maybe the figure is closer to several million when you see how everybody’s so sure what happened there as expressed on Facebook.

The media, using a photograph several years old, have portrayed Martin as an angelic child. There is much information from many sources on the internet indicating that this was not the case.

George Zimmerman has a past, that is true. Just as Trayvon Martin has a past. Neither can make claim to the title of perfection that the media has built for Martin.

George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain. Trayvon Martin was in the neighborhood wearing a hood over his head. Suspicion of anyone wearing such apparel is natural. (My son was stopped in my neighborhood by the police and questioned. He too was wearing a hood)

George Zimmerman had a gun. Why a neighborhood watch member, captain or otherwise, should have a gun is a good question. If he had a permit, then he had the right to carry a gun. 

Despite the lack of information which can be proven, despite the lack of clarity, there have been many who have made this into a white vs. black racial event. They pound relentlessly presenting the same arguments that have no foundation in an effort to turn this event into hatred. This is also despite that George Zimmerman may be Hispanic.

These people are doing more to destroy the struggle for racial equality than a million racists could ever do.

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