The Non-Post …. July 29, 2013

I have elected not to do a post this week as it is vacation time. Sorry, but everyone needs a vacation once in a while.

Vacation… a time for relaxation, a time of being with family and doing those things for which time is usually unavailable.

Ever dream of the the ideal vacation. We had one in 1996. We took a wad of moneyUniversal-Studios-Florida and rolled down to Florida. We visited numerous sites including Universal (I would recommend a visit to Universal to everyone, when they say 3D, they mean it), the Kennedy Space Center, and floated down the pristine appearing waters at Silver Springs. We visited a large flea market in the Ocala area. During this time we experienced the most ferocious Kennedy_Space_Center_-_the_buildingthunderstorm I had ever seen. Lightning in Florida is an adventure in itself.Lightning_Florida_Keys_8_11_2008 

At one point in our visit I remarked to the family that this vacation would probably be the only one we would enjoy as a family. Disregarding a trip we had made a few years before to West Point, which was to see family there, it turned out to be true. It was the only memorable vacation we really had. 

My advice is don’t wait for when the time is available to take that vacation of a lifetime, make time. The years pass so quickly the moment may be lost before you know it. The kids, will not be kids forever.

Whoops! Seems I have made a post after-all.


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