Marblehead, Ohio July 13, 2013

At the suggestion of my brother, who decided to stay in bed instead, my wife and I went up to Marblehead, Ohio. There we saw the Marblehead lighthouse, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in existence.



From the shores of the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park you can see several well known nearby attractions.


Pointing upPictured here is Cedar Point as seen to the south.


Pointing upAlthough a nearby outcropping of rock obscures the island itself, Put-In-Bay’s Perry Monument is visible in the distance. Put-In-Bay, named after the bay, is also known as South Bass Island.


Pointing upSeen in the distance, behind a couple of sailboats is Kelly’s Island.

All-in-all it was a great outing. We rode our 2009 SilverWing up to Marblehead. Though I admit the Marblehead Lighthouse was a nice place to see, with a good breeze blowing off the lake, I also admit it was mostly about the ride.

honda silverwing


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