With the Push of a Button…. July 15, 2013

technologyTechnology is moving forward at a brisk pace. The integration of the human brain and the computer may be around the corner. While this technology will be too late for the likes of me, I can at least dream of the improvements that may be possible with such an integration.

Of course there is the possibility of misuse of this technology, just as all technology has that potential. For this post I will ignore those scenarios and concentrate on the pluses such artificial improvements may portend.

For many years I have fretted over the lack within the human brain of a suitablebrain and computer deletion feature. Over the years there have been many embarrassing incidents (probably no more than any one else) which I would rather dismiss, but instead hang on and rile my brain at the most inconvenient times. Though I would rather retain the learning featured in most of these events the emotional distress could be deleted without any objection by me. This habit of the brain to run these memories over and over complete with irritating embarrassmentembarrassment, though remarkable, does use up an excess of mental resources which could be utilized in a more productive fashion. Yes, a deletion command totally at the discretion of the individual, would be most useful. Memories of incidents that grit one’s teeth and anger the mind could be selectively erased; stress can thus be lowered, and concentration upon more meaningful endeavors focused more precisely. Irrational hatred, envy, and jealousy could be simply dismissed, deleted away. Agreements for peace on the world scene would more easily come about without personal differences and dislikes barring the way.

There are many other technological breakthroughs that may be less than a hundred years away. Computer and brain enhancements that expand memory and learning will programming brainenable the future science fiction writers envision. Sometimes I experience the feeling of being born too early. Yet, we are all the stuff from which the future is built. If you were not where you are in time, someone else would have had to be there from which the future would be built. Even if we can’t be in the time we would like at least we can still imagine…..

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