Well, Bread Doesn’t Stay Fresh Forever… July 10, 2013

Racing forward, pedal to the metal, a Nickle’s Bread Truck surges on.

bread loafIt doesn’t matter if life and limb is at risk, all that matters is that this juggernaut attain a position at least one car length ahead of where it was.

Racing up State Route 13 South, towards Mansfield, sitting nearly on the bumper of the car in front, the truck barrels on. The poor guy, seeing the grill of the truck in his mirror, has to get overracing car simply to avoid the urgent delivery of baked goods. Someone, somewhere, needs a sandwich.

The date is July 5, 2013, and once again I have the feeling of having just barely escaped another tragic mishap. Drivers everywhere seem to have forgotten that the speed limits are meant for them, not just everyone else.

I will never understand the dire urgency of being one car length beyond where you were. It never fails though, be it bread trucks, SUV, or auto, there is always some jerk who feels they must be at the head of the line even if it costs them or someone else their life.

Has the expiration date on bread gotten shorter?

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