Objectivity Has God-like Properties … July 1, 2013

GodObjectivity is defined as existing independently of perception or an individuals conceptions. It is something which is undistorted by emotion or personal bias. It is of or relating to actual and external phenomena as opposed to thoughts, feelings, etc.

There are many people who claim to be making an objective observation but upon examination have some bias involved in the interpretation of that observation.

Subjectivity is defined as belonging to, proceeding from or relating to the mind of the thinking subject and not the nature of the object being considered. It is of, relating to, or emanating from a person’s emotions, prejudices, etc: subjective views.

People are subjective as they usually have some desire that data be interpreted in a fashion as to validate their preconceived notions. Even when the facts back the interpreted data some subjective analysis is inevitable (Why was the observation or experiment conducted in the first place).

My investigations of Christianity were initiated by observations of many Christians.Lack_of_respect Their behavior did not correspond with their stated visions of what Christian behavior should be. After investigating the origins of and metamorphosis of Christianity it became clear to me that it was in its entirety a fabrication. As a result I declared my atheism where Christianity and its related forms were concerned. With further reasoning it was clear to me that all of mankind’s multiple forms of religion were likewise constructed from the imagination. All that remained was the possibility of some unknown entity which, as gathered from observation, had no interest or connection with humanity or its origins and for which there was no evidence as well.

The moment I declared my atheism my attitude towards religions became subjective. I aspired to obtain information supporting my case that the world’s religions were simply fabrications. It was of no matter that the facts backed my analysis, further research alone indicated a bias towards desired results. Although my research in the beginning atheism insidewas possibly objective to some degree, once sufficient evidence presented itself, subjectivity was inevitable. In the pursuit of ‘keeping an open mind’ I maintain, should sufficient evidence present itself, that I would be persuaded into some belief of an entity, that evidence itself would have to be of such a nature that belief would no longer be required as I would know at that point.

Christians believe in their God without evidence of any kind with the exception of interpretation based on subjective needs. Their desire for the existence of their God is based on fear of death. There is as yet no evidence of any existence after death except as assorted molecules. When Christians do research to attempt to substantiate theirmolecules interpretation of creation they do so subjectively. Data conflicting with their preconceived notions as to the nature of creation are discarded.

Is objective research and observation possible? In my humble opinion it moleculesis not. Once exposed to whatever research is ongoing and receiving preliminary data, subjective opinion develops.

Many complain that the news offered by the various media is slanted. Their complaints are valid. A typical news story could read: so and so was shot in the neck and died in whatever city or location. Should the news reporter proceed to remark on why the event took place, what people were affected by it, and the emotional state of those involved, then the report becomes subjective. An appeal to emotion is subjective. Prejudice towards the perpetrator is generated. The story becomes an interpretation. Whether people realize it or not, without subjectivity news stories would be most unentertaining.

So, don’t make comments and then try to substantiate them by claiming they are objective. I won’t believe it. I don’t think it is possible. The only possibility of objectivity, and it is a remote one, is that someone outside of the event, totally disinterested (if that’s possible), takes a news story or research project and edits out the subjectivity. Chances are that such an editor would become subjective half way through themselves.

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