Goodbye USA …. July 3, 2013

If there is some atheist or agnostic or even a humanist left in the United States that is not aware of the traitorous actions of the GOP it would have to be because, like fundamentalist Christians, they live their lives with their heads firmly planted in the ground. As the GOP right-wingers work to make this country a plutocracy and a theocracy they exercise patience as small incremental changes are made by legislation and public misinformation.

The bad news is that America is one election away from being eliminated as the bastion of freedom that it has been for over 200 years. This push towards the elimination of the United States has been ‘in process’ for the past 30 plus years.

Just what has the GOP done that indicates this project is underway? Opposition of any tax plan that increases taxes on the wealthy. A call for eliminating the minimum wage. Advocating “right-to-work” laws in various states. These right-to-work laws are in reality thinly disguised union busting tools. Demands for cuts in social programs upon which many people depend and would be in poverty without. A push to eliminate any “Separation of Church and State”. Republicans are openly, blatantly, advocating for theocracy and corporatocracy(plutocracy). Why would the rich support a theocracy? What better way to pacify the people than the ‘opiate of the people’.

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