Dead Again … June 17, 2013

He/she died years ago, yet, today they died Timeagain. They didn’t die before I am told, yet I remember clearly the day they did, die before, that is.

I know Mandala died long ago, yet then, he was freed, died again, and is now in recovery. Celebrities, politicians, it doesn’t matter who, I have heard the obituary more than once.

Do you know of a famous person, or quasi-famous, having died? Years later you hear they have died… again?

Is this evidence for the existence of some sort of time machine? Individuals going back and changing the time-line. Somehow then some residual memory of the past timeline yet remains, for I remember several people dying, and then dying again.

TimeShould we just ignore this evidence, this glimmer of memory, and chalk it up to the flawed and so very human brain? Humans, I think, are most fantastic creatures in many ways. It would be foolish to dismiss that the human brain might perceive time-line changes even in the most Déjà vu respect.

There is no evidence of such powers, of course, so until there is, such speculation is fiction.

Perhaps you just assumed they died because of their absence from the world stage. Perhaps there is a time-traveler somewhere that hopes you will make that assumption.

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