What an Amazing World This Would be Without Belief in God … Special

If there had never been religion by now you might be skimming along in  your flying car. Maybe the light barrier would have been broken and you would be visiting relatives living on a world light years away, for the weekend.

Wars might be a distant memory. Perhaps there would never have been any wars, no vast cemeteries  full of “heroes” dying in useless wars, lives cut short.

The imagination unbounded humanity might have accomplished things we could not imagine ourselves at this point in time with so many afflicted with the stupefying and virulent religions. What heights might humanity have reached, perhaps we might have reached a level of civilization where we could move asteroids out of their flight paths thereby shielding our earth from harm. Perhaps we could move stars.

Instead, even now in this century, this millennium, we yet face the possible extinguishment of humanity in some religious conflict. Instead, even now, over two thousand years after the fabrication of the most horrendous hoax perpetrated upon humanity, we remain hamstrung, unable to free ourselves from the tendrils of an affliction that reaches out from antiquity. We desperately need to free ourselves, yet so many cling to the false hope offered by bronze and iron age goat herders who really didn’t know their hind ends from a hole in the ground.

The next time you look at your television set and watch helplessly as yet some new conflict is ignited by some bleary-eyed religious fanatic, a zealot, imagine what an amazing world this would be, free of such nonsense, a world where humans helped each other without regard to their affiliation with an ancient ignorant philosophy. A world where education and reason are celebrated instead of ignorance. A world where people’s minds were free of the cobwebs of unfounded irrational belief.

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7 Responses to What an Amazing World This Would be Without Belief in God … Special

  1. There is a way to achieve this: Educate every man, WOMAN, and child. Raise the level of education and medical care and it will choke the life out of religions.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    This is true. Education would eliminate religion. Yet, this is also why the religious resist public education. They want to eliminate public education so it will be moved back into the realm of religion. Originally it was religious institutions that provided “education” to the common people. Until compulsory secular education becomes a reality religion will never die.

  3. Agreed and it sounds like a voting issue to me!

  4. Miss Keene says:

    The Chinese seem to be doing OK in genocide, war, killing people who don’t bow to their non-religious state. I don’t disagree that religion can be used as an excuse for things, it’s just that obliterating religion won’t create world peace. I’m concerned that people are getting so focused on religion, especially Christianity and Islam, that they aren’t vigilant toward other foes, which as you mention, include ignorance and lack of education.

  5. drenn1077 says:

    If I, as an atheist, promote education as a means to enable humanity to finally eliminate the stranglehold religion has on it, then I would presume that this education would, as a welcoming side effect, eliminate ignorance as well.

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  6. Miss Keene says:

    Speaking objectively not personally, that sounds more like dictatorship.

  7. drenn1077 says:

    People claim to speak objectively when they are not really doing so. Objectivity is a very difficult endeavor.

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