Imagination … May 13, 2013

Odin and Zeus as well as many other gods have been reduced to fairy tales. Each was believed in at one time in history. They were succeeded, possibly even demoted to myth, by newer gods as they have come along. Reducing gods to myth is a good thing, only thing is, the new gods have lingered, forgetting to die.

Now, it seems, there comes along a threat to the established gods of our time. That threat is called science. At each challenge it is the god who steps away and science that triumphs. The only niche truly left for such gods to fill is the absolute niches which science has yet to explain away. They are reduced to the very beginnings, the establishment of the universe, perhaps the starting “ball-roller” in the origin of life’s basest creatures. I think soon they will only have the universe. 

Imagination plays a role in both religion and science. Its utilization is different in both. Effects are observed by the religious and causes are derived from the imagination. Imagination guided by emotion drives religion. Science observes and reasons. Imagination in science is directed by observation, reason, and fact. Science drives imagination.

Lightning, when observed by religion, becomes an effect of god. Zeus was responsible for lightning bolts as well as other phenomena. Science disarmed gods. Now we know itLightning 1 is simply a matter of potential between cloud and ground that causes the discharge to occur. We know that the loud boom we hear is air rushing to fill the void created by the bolt. The myth was created by ignorant people who knew nothing beyond what they could imagine. The myth was destroyed by thinkers who took on the task, ignoring others who said they already knew the cause.

The effect science has had on the believer is evident everywhere we look. Many Christians exclaim that abortion is murder, a defiance of god’s will, and a disregard of the sanctity of human life. These same people who cry so loudly about the sanctity of life most often are those who support the death penalty for a murderer. These same seatbeltpeople that proclaim that abortion is a defiance of god’s will, get in their cars and buckle their seatbelts, defying god and also expressing doubt about god’s ability to protect them from harm. Actually, the only ones to express true belief are the parents who let their children die rather than seek medical help. We sure don’t need people like that.

If you must have a god, at least have one that has done something for you. Mother earthEarth has supported your existence from birth. Father Sol, our star,sun has given energy to drive Mother Earth’s systems. Prayers are not needed, they don’t hear them anyway. Both are part of the natural forces from which we came. Treat Mother Earth well and encourage others to do the same. It’s the only home we have right now.


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