When Christianity Ruled … May 20, 2013

Although Christianity is presently threatening the personal freedoms that the citizens of the United States enjoy, the threat is not near as terrible as it would be if Christianity actually had power here and were able to void the Constitution. If the various sects of Christianity were toChristian soldier present a united front and end bickering among themselves, it would not be long before power would be theirs. No doubt there would be a great deal of dissent which would be quickly crushed, by the greater numbers which they represent. Once again, at least in the United States, we would descend into our own little dark age.

Just how bad was the Dark Ages, which, despite the contrary protestations of Christians, was the result of Christianity’s rise to power? Science was brought to a halt. Education was not just stopped but also portrayed as adverse to God. A few quotes will dispel any thought that Christianity was not to blame.

From the time of the Inquisition:

“The layman must not argue with the unbeliever, but thrust his sword into the man’s belly as far as it will go.” –Inquisitor Bernard Gui.1

There was no dissent allowed, no contrary view, only the Church’s understanding of God was permitted.

c279042“anyone who attempted to construe a personal view of God which conflicted with Church dogma must be burned without pity.” –Pope Innocent III 1

Many exclaim that should Christianity be in charge again the world would be set right. That the United States would be under the protection of God. I assume they would also assert that natural tragedies would abate and milk andmilk and honey honey would flow from every fountain. Power is a corrupting thing. No matter your good intentions no one group or world view should be given the mantle of power.

For example: Inquisitors of the Dark Ages were only answerable to the Pope. With this power the Inquisitors became very rich. The wealthy paid bribes so as not to be accused of heresy, a power which the Inquisitors used lavishly to quell dissent, to put fear in the hearts of the peasantry. Harsh sentences were meted out to any who dare not confess to whatever crime they stood accused. Burning by fire was a typical sentence, it was that or die in prison. Of course the cruelest form of tortures were also used to judas cradlecompel the sinner to confess. Under the auspices of a  Godly cloak there was nothing that the Inquisitors could not do.

Wherever the explorers (like Columbus) went there was carried with them the baggage of the Church, its cruelty, its requirements. Natives of the lands they arrived upon were soon either converted by force or decimated. The Inquisitors did not confine themselves to Europe but soon set up shop in the Americas and perpetuated their horrors.

Slavery was a big ideal of these barbaric people. The Bible backed them with its scripture:

“The slave should be resigned to his lot, in obeying his master he is obeying God…”-St. John Chrysostom.

They believed the Biblical line fervently.

“The king has every right to send his men to the Indies to demand their territory from these idolaters because he had received it from the pope. If the Indians refuse, he may quite legally fight them, kill them and enslave them, just as Joshua enslaved the inhabitants of the country of Canaan.” – Encisco 1509

“…for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.” This has been repeated many times since it was spoken by physicist Steven Weinberg. Religion in power can do evil things indeed.

An example of the present day mentality of the Christian at large was given by George H. W. Bush in response to question by reporter Robert I Sherman:

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

What of Pastor John Hagee who says atheists should leave the country, that no one would miss them? (Read more here) Well, perhaps there should be a call for Christians to leave the country and go to Israel en masse. After all, the founding fathers were very careful to separate Church and State and would be appalled at statements like John Hagee’s.

There are many more statements like these including those that come into the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s headquarters monthly. Do not doubt for a moment that if given the opportunity to expel all who did not believe exactly as they do that the Christian population would hesitate.

1. The Dark Side of Christian History pages 76-77


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