Judgment Day? … April 3, 2013

I was once asked what I would say if after death I found myself standing before the christian god. At the time I said the wrong thing, but… I’m like that with ‘should have saids’, which is why I would not make a good debater face to face. I admit that lack of skill, as I have never had any sort of speaking experience. judgment_day_terror

Many atheists might answer the above question with “Why didn’t you provide any evidence of your existence?”

In my opinion the question is ridiculous in the light of information we have today invalidating the entirety of the christian religion. If there is a god it isn’t one we have any knowledge about. There is no evidence that anyone will ever be standing before an angry god. To even entertain the possibility presented by the proposed scenario is granting something the issue does not deserve.

I think the answer should go something like: “I don’t expect to be standing anywhere after I die. I don’t expect to know that I’m not standing anywhere. In fact, there will be nothing, not even blackness, after I die, for the recognition of blackness would be blacknesssomething.” Nothingness is hard for the human mind to grasp. Existing has always been preferred to non-existence, save a few depressed folk. This fact, that of desiring life over death, is what started that god thing in the first place. No one wants to die, after all, that is an unknown. What people have to realize is that it is not an unknown. Death is simply that, death. To be an unknown implies that there is something after death, and that simply seems, from the lack of any evidence, simply not true. When you understand the human motives for developing religion, and the penchant for a fear of the death, then you can realize it’s allwhiteout wishful thinking, relax, and accept the reality of nothing after death. That is a calming thought. No judgment from an immature deity, no condemnation, no hell, just nothing. Like a long sleep, without dreaming, and that sounds downright restful (but no need to rush).

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