But, What of the God Spot?


Within the last few years there have been reports of the discovery of a God Spot in the brains of human beings. Many theists jumped on the bandwagon proclaiming this discovery and how it must mean that belief in God is a natural state for humankind.

God spot

Much more research on this topic has been completed. It is asserted now that there are many areas in the human brain which lend themselves to religious belief. There is much speculation on how these areas arose. My own opinion differs from the mainstream as to how it arose in the human brain. I think it is the result of the same conditioning we have for belief in our parents protective powers when we are children. In the adult, the same adulation we had for our parents is switched over to parent-like deities.

Does a God exist? There are many religions that existed which claimed many Gods. Christianity claims there is only one true God. As John Zande, in his blog “The Superstitious Ape”, in a recent post “now theists listen carefully”, remarked, and I am paraphrasing, ‘If this were so (only one God) then every community of people everywhere would have arrived at the same God’.

I thought this a remarkable observation. This observation reveals the reality that religion is a fabrication.

To explain: In science, a scientific principal is arrived upon through observation, research, and hypothesis. A scientific principal, admittedly, is a human construct. Yet, nature obeys these theories, as they are called, startlingly. Over the ages many scientific theories, principals, have been discovered, lost, and then re-discovered. Once re-discovered they are always very much the same as they were when first discovered. They do not change. Even if humanity were to vanish, nature would continue to obey these principals. If another species arose upon the earth, reached a level of intelligence comparable to our own, and made these scientific discoveries, they would again, be the same.

Numerous civilizations have existed solitarily on this planet. Each one, for whatever reason, developed their own religious belief system. Christianity arose only once. Other various religions arose only once. Each religion that developed was different. Co-habitation with other religions led to some borrowing between them, but originally, they were separate unique fabrications. If religion were to disappear, and redevelop, they would again be different from any that existed before. Religions (Gods) are not discovered. Religions (Gods) are made.

And this is a stark difference between science and religion. Science endures, religion does not. Nature obeys the outlines presented by scientific principals regardless of humanity’s presence. Religion can only exist in humanity’s presence.

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