Make Believe …. March 11, 2013

Do you remember what seems like the distant past now? Do you remember the you, that you, that existed before it was destroyed by reality? That time when make believe and reality were melded, and it didn’t matter that it was melded?

Childhood, sweet and serene, a magic time. A time where there were few worries, and those worries that existed were extremely transient. A time of play, wherein a few teddy bears and a bed became passengers and a bus, an easy-bake oven and a bench became a play house. Reality interfered even then as it was time for supper, or time for bed.

Santa am not realSanta was there, though not for long, as it was soon discovered that Mom and Pop provided Santa’s goodies. Why would Santa hide presents in the closet? Why would Mom and Pop have secret errands to run at Christmas time, where meanwhile, you ended up at the baby-sitter?

The loss of Santa was the beginning of the end of childhood fantasies. Soon you felt silly, especially in front of friends, holding a teddy bear, or your favorite blanket. Maturity was on its way. At least, for many, it was on its way to a certain extent.

The most devious deception parents foist upon their young ones tends to stick, is reinforced by the parents over time, as the parents hold fast to these lies themselves. Of course that means that these parents believe these lies as truth, having been instilled with them by their own parents. Such perpetuation does nothing to make these lies into truth. They are still lies.

Fear is used to make these lies stick. Fear of death, fear of retribution from two or more terrible demons, fabrications all, depicted as real beings. Fear of death prompts desires for immortality. The promise of immortality is most potent of all. god 2Punishment from a God, or protection from Satan, Satan002pick your entities, religion offers all.

Enough clear information remains to invalidate any religion, yet the deception, and the adult make believe, continues.

After indoctrination throughout one’s youth it is difficult to persuade your emotional mind to accept the truth emerging from your logical and reasoning brain. Self-deception is the key. Through reinforcement by fellow believers, through denying the truths presented by science and labeling them works of Satan, the lie continues.

Will humanity ever truly grow up? I hope not. The imagination should not be squashed. However, the destructive, violent, and hateful presence of religion must be eradicated, eviscerated, and extinguished. The perpetuation of this particular kind of make believe needs to end.

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