So, You Want A God…. March 7, 2012

Feeble are the Gods invented by man. Contradictory, vague, and the cause of much misery. Figments of the mind are they all, never having seen the light of day, much less been the creator of it. But, wait, there are entities worthy of your praise, dead, but not forgotten by those who care. Massive orbs, boiling, churning, casting massive arcs of plasma into the voids of space. Stars more massive than our average sized sun. Stars so massive they used up their allotment of hydrogen in millions, instead of billions of years. Then, collapsed and exploded spitting their innards into space. Heavier elements saw their beginnings in this way. The heavier elements of which we are made came from these massive stars. They died making it possible for us to live. 

If you must praise something praise these massive stars. At least they can be proven to have existed, if only from their remains.

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