The Basis of Arrogance

Scientists admit they do not know everything. Science means the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Only those things which are verifiable and falsifiable can be tested and investigated. There are many areas outside the ability of science to presently adequately investigate. Included in that list is:

1. What existed before the Big Bang? (Universe)

2. Existence of non-falsifiable, untestable entities including God, unicorns, extraterrestrials, big foot, and Nessie among many. 

3. Multiverses.

4. Does anything persevere after a person dies.

This is simply a tiny portion of the many things science cannot investigate adequately today. Although science can speculate on these things, theorize, conjecture, or make educated guesses, nothing definite can be claimed.

Theories are conclusions, speculative conclusions, made as a result of experimentation, observation, and reasoned thought. Those theories, like evolution, gravity, or relativity which have endured despite myriad challenges assume the level of fact. Though these theories may undergo refinement as new information is discovered they remain as the best explanations for the observed phenomena. Though the likelihood seems remote, should contradictory information be discovered which invalidates these theories, they will be abandoned and new theories postulated. Such is science.

Religion claims to know everything: Who made the Universe and life. What existed before the Universe, and what will happen after death. Not only that but it claims knowledge of why we exist. None of this is verifiable. It is totally non falsifiable nor testable. It’s adherents are asked to believe solely by faith in it’s tenets. The only offered evidence is second hand, or after the fact testimonies and dubious improvable reports of miraculous occurrences.

Arrogant: Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.

A scientist makes no claim to complete knowledge, as complete knowledge would eliminate the need for there to be a scientist. Science is all about investigating the unknown, finding the answers. There is great humility in the admission that there is much that is unknown.

A theologian claims that their religious book provides all the answers. A minister, preacher, priest, reverend, or Muslim cleric purports to know the unknowable, assuming a position of authority which is totally undeserved. The only humility expressed is that of submission to an overarching deity. No humility is expressed as to the lack of the answers to the unknowable.

“They think they have a pretty good bead on things” –MIB agent Kay

As far as the world is concerned it seems that scientists are infinitely humbler than theologians, admitting that some things are presently unknown. Some things may remain forever out of the reach of human knowledge.

The theologians meanwhile, assuming complete knowledge, discourage and deplore exploration which might contradict this assumption. Some things that might have been discovered years ago are only now being discussed as a result of this opposition.

I see the religious leaders as pompous and arrogant. Full of themselves they claim knowledge which is unknowable. If they make it to a heavenly paradise not only will this be proof that the eye of a needle is more the size of  a hula hoop, but that heaven is only a place for those barren of thought.



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