Modern Times; Christian Behavior


I have been writing a blog for several years. I have written them thinking that there were some basic commonalities between the differing groups of Christians. Well, there are some, many in fact, but some of my assumptions were wrong.

One of the assumptions I was mistaken about is that all Christians absolutely loathe non-believers, especially those carrying the label atheist. Yes, there are some out there who remind me at every opportunity that I am on the rollercoaster to hell, but they are a very small minority. They just seem large in number because they are so vocal. I suppose this is the case in any group.

There are so many varying degrees of belief. Some Christians are very liberal, some very much fundamentalist. In between are a myriad of variations. There are literalists, and then there are those who look upon some scripture as metaphor, preferring a more modern “interpretation”. There are also some who ignore offensive scripture and accentuate the positive. There are some who look upon Jesus as God personified, others think him merely an outstanding prophet. There are those that loathe organized religion preferring instead a private belief.

Although Christians still make the claim that God is unchanging, and biblical scripture exists to back them up,  beliefs evidently do. According to the cultural mores, dos and do nots, of a particular society, accommodations are made. What a Christian thinks moral in one society is different than what a Christian thinks in another. Also, the norms existing now differ greatly  from the norms of morality practiced by early Christians.

There are individual Christians who believe that morality is as unchangeable as their God, and do not tolerate differences in cultures, as pertains to morality. Happily they seem in the minority.

Where Atheists are concerned I have found numerous Christians who exercise a modern “live and let live” attitude. Yes, there are some who wish we would all crawl back under the rock we came out from under, but others have adopted a stance which provokes a feeling within me that hope exists mankind will not destroy itself in a cataclysmic self-made disaster. These new Christians seem in the majority as well. That bodes well for us all. When an atheist can do more than just run for office, but actually attain it, then I will know there is hope.

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