What Are Your Thoughts

So much press of late has been about Mid-Ohio Atheists billboards. People would almost have to be sitting at home dead not to have heard of them by now. All the outcry from the public that these billboards were in bad taste, and in bad taste because they were scheduled at the holiday season.

I would like advice on how we, of Mid-Ohio atheists can improve our image in this area. No… no suggestions that we go away, disband; we are here to stay. I want suggestions on how we can get our message out in a way that is not offensive to the public at large. (Those who feel our mere existence is offensive, need not reply)

We want to let those like-minded people in the area, near and far, know we are here for them. That would be our target.

I realize the goal of fundamentalist religion is to convert everyone on earth to their way of thinking, so my plea is not directed toward them. I am asking those who believe that everyone has a right to believe or disbelieve what ever they want, to make suggestions.

Thank you.

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