Immortality Anyone?

There are people who having grown tired, having lost their youthful curiosity, having lost their dreams, long for death. They find nothing stirs within them when looking at a new day’s dawn. No new technological achievement wows them. They have ceased to feel anything positive having effectively resigned from life. Forget them.

Those of us who relish every new discovery, every exciting invention, and can’t get enough of the enthrallment experienced when watching a new day dawn, hope it will never cease. We are disappointed when we have to acknowledge that our brief span of life, a mere flicker compared to the span of the Cosmos, must someday come to an end. We prefer to live as if it will never end, averting our gaze from the inevitable, and instead focusing on the now. That is the way to live.

But… only the Gods have immortality… many would proclaim.

The promise of life after death has kept religion going. Unfortunately, such promises have also lessened the value of this life, making many atrocities committed by religion possible. Why place value on a life lived in a comparative instant when immortality awaits in the next? The quicker that instant is complete the sooner immortality begins. A better method of arousing the troops to battle has never been imagined. Too bad such promises of living forever cannot be proven. Some of the descriptions of an afterlife seem less exciting than watching a gnat fly about your head, anyway.

Even now as I write there are people who are working on “curing” death. Scientific work proceeds in the search for extended life, or life with no expiration date. Many think that the body simply has a countdown clock of sorts, which causes, with the passage of time, the body to make repairs less and less accurately. Telomeres, at the ends of DNA strands, are said to protect the accuracy of data within the DNA, and when they shorten with each division of the cell, reach a point when they can no longer protect the DNA, and cells divided thereafter are prone to error.

There are many dire predictions of Earth’s demise. Climate change is undeniable whether normal or human made. Optimistically we can hope it will be, or can be reversed. Maybe such climate change will prove to be positive, opening new doors where others have closed. Who knows… nevertheless, let’s proceed optimistically. Imagining a exciting future is one Michio Kaku. He is a theoretical Physicist and seems to always appear where science is at the forefront.

One reason I hope that death is cured someday is to see what becomes of the human race. What a grand experiment of nature we are. As far as we know, the most intelligent creature of the Universe. (I hope there are more, but we don’t know that yet). Certainly we are the most advanced species, intellectually, than any on Earth. Will we go on to become the dreams of science fiction writers, or will we destroy ourselves with petty concerns, wars, and apathy? Stay tuned to the next exciting episode of : THE HUMAN RACE

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