The Stolen Holiday

Pre-Christian peoples suffered greatly when the sun took it’s southern trek each year, they had to live on stored food and whatever they could find during that time of the year. Not understanding why the sun took it’s yearly trip they feared that it might never return and that they would be relegated to eternal darkness. The actual Solstice occurs yearly around the 22nd of December, the people, however, could not really see that a return of the sun was occurring until about the 25th. A yearly celebration of it’s return was timed for this day.

Christianity, a relative newcomer to the scene, desiring to convert pagan peoples, adopted the day of the Solstice Celebration for their own holiday around the 4th century, as a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Before the 4th century Christianity did not even celebrate the birth of Jesus, as such celebrations, as the birth of an individual, was considered pagan. The fact that there was absolutely not a shred of evidence for Jesus’ birth occurring at this time was immaterial to them, just as the fact that there is no evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus is immaterial to Christians of today.

Much of today’s Christian Celebration is of Pagan origin. The use of holly, mistletoe, Yule logs, wassail bowls, and the decorating of a tree are all of Pagan origin. The Roman holiday celebration called the Saturnalia, where an exchange of gifts occurred as well as visiting with friends,  was also assimilated into the Christian celebration.

Why should peoples of today continue the Christian deception? Why not celebrate the earlier non-god celebration? At least the Solstice really occurs; the Sun does go on a yearly trip south, then a trip back as a result of the Earth’s tilt. Such celebrations will increasingly be less rare as many atheists and freethinkers have begun to observe them.

Many Christians today are unaware of the origins of their celebrations, not just of Christmas, but also of other stolen holidays, such as Easter and Valentines day. I presume that since present day knowledge of this deception is still available that early Christians were simply unable to destroy or cover-up the evidence sufficiently, though there is much evidence that they did try.

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