The Non-Existence of Heaven and/or Hell

Humanity… endowed with a mind unlike any other animal. A brain so powerful that it produces the conscious mind, aware of itself, and it’s place in the world. A sense of self so perfectly produced that the concept of that self ending is inconceivable. Such an immortal mind contained in a mortal body must transcend that body and carry on after the death of the body. To have a place for that mind to go humans have invented a heaven and a hell. Heaven for those that obeyed the social mores, hell for those who rejected them. A god in control of heaven, and an anti-god in charge of hell.

In lieu of tickets to either place the price of entry will be to accept or reject a set of bizarre and ridiculous beliefs.

Non-participation is an automatic rejection and you are bound for hell.

This pretty much describes many religions. The willing participants that accept the beliefs without thought condemn those who think and reject, and feel it is their duty to force those who do reject the beliefs to change their minds.

Those who reject these unfounded and ridiculous beliefs wonder how otherwise intelligent people can be so gullible. They wonder how can these people who know full well that human con-men exist can so blithely accept the myths.

Those that believe, think they are heaven bound despite the bar being set so high. Those that do not believe, know that there is no heaven, no hell, and quite certainly no God of any kind.

Those that believe are backed up with writings from a collection of books written by nomads and goat herders over 2000 years ago.

Those that do not accept the myths are backed by science and reason.

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