As many people know I am an atheist. Nevertheless I advocate the work of the religious charities which takes place everyday. Too bad many charities of this nature also use this medium for proselytizing.

Much of religious history, especially Christian history is filled with wars, division, and murder. All justified in God’s name. From the Crusades to the dark ages to witch burning, Christianity has much to atone for. Even much of the turmoil today is as a result of differing beliefs. The Middle East is a hotbed of agony for those trying to eke out a subsistence living. The United States suffers today due to intolerance and bigotry of varying belief systems. It can be said that some of our conflicts with other countries originated because of leaders who espoused these hostile belief systems.

I consider today’s charities a small payment on the huge debt of atonement that religion should pay to the human race. Indeed, such religions should be made to forgo tax exemption to lessen the burden which is borne by every employed working person. Each dollar of exemption is made up for with increased taxes on the individual. If religion would pay their fair share while continuing the work of the various charities this would go a long way in the form of reparations to a society which is weary of the continuing holocaust which can fairly be laid at the feet of the religious.

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