Shield Your Eyes, Look Away!

Shield your eyes, my child, look away! That’s the truth over there, you dare not look! It might ruin the fantasy you are living, and the happiness you enjoy.

But father, should we live a dream? Shouldn’t we a least look at the real world?

No, my child, the real world is full of sadness and danger, even if you so much as peek, your ideal world may vanish!

If what we believe, father, is so right, can’t we look and withstand the facts, and still believe?

The starkness of reality will vaporize our dream. I fear all of our ideals will disappear along with the haze!

You have always treated me so well, father, I will obey your desires. I will hold fast to the fantasy and never look beyond.

You are wise my child at such a young age, now lets go and talk to Mr. Bunny, today! I hear he has a few eggs and some candy for good little fellows like you.

Yes, daddy, and then let’s go and drink the hanging man’s blood and eat his flesh!



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