Oh So Very Special!

Mankind, darling creature of the Cosmos. Favored by God almighty. The center of all things. The Sun itself circles Earth, the home of this magnificent blessed creature. Just for the pleasure of mankind, this loving God created a vast Universe, whose purpose is only to please the sight of his beloved most special creature.

What outrageous arrogance! This is what the writers of the bible believed. That out of the entire vast Universe only one small planet in an arm of the Milky Way was of any importance. That one species out of the millions of species was of any consequence.

The ignorance of the writers of the Bible is forgivable. They had no means to know any different from the machinations of their imaginations. Unable to see the vastness of the Universe they concluded that the stars were merely lights in the heavens to highlight the night sky. Being the only creature among the worlds vast array that could think to such a high degree they concluded that they were so very special. The ignorance of the writers and those that accepted those beliefs at the time was forgivable. The ignorance displayed by those that still cling to most of these beliefs today, is not forgivable.

With the advent of science most of the myths have been proven inaccurate to say the least. We know the Earth circles the sun, we know there are other planets elsewhere, we know that there are even other galaxies, some which dwarf our own. Through genetic advances we have discovered our link to all the other creatures sharing space on this crowded world. The evidence that is contradictory to Biblical scriptures is overwhelming. We are part of a line of creatures which through evolutions work has advanced to the dominant life form. This fact is indisputable. The ignorant nevertheless continue to dispute the reality in an effort to continue to live in a world imagined by the writers of a text thousands of years old.

Today’s believers are faced with ever mounting evidence that points to the fact that we evolved rather than having been created.

Human body imperfections:




Why would there be leftovers? If we were specially created why the atrophied evidence of earlier manifestations that imply evolution ?

Why the imperfect designs? A man’s prostate is badly designed with tubing that can be constricted as the prostate expands with age. Why do we have our vocal cords placed in such a way that humans can so easily choke? Why do we use a waste elimination tube also as a means of procreation? Why is there an appendix, which becomes so easily clogged with material, and then infected? A host of vestigial organs exist whose presence can only be made sense of in the light of evolution. Yes, imperfect, slow advancement over millions of years through evolution.

In the past I have stated that mankind is “The Greatest Show on Earth.” A close second has to be the Christian who through complex acrobatics, twists and turns, is still able to keep a serious demeanor while declaring their belief.

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