Mohican, An Idyllic Setting

Sunday August 9th found a small group of nonbelievers enjoying life. What a wonderful setting for an afternoon of sumptuous food and wading in the nearby river. It was a hot afternoon but was made enjoyable by a hearty summer breeze.

The company was pleasant ant the discussions interesting. In the company of like-minded individuals everyone felt comfortable and welcome.

Drenn and Carol at mohican

In this picture is me and my wife. She came with some trepidation but soon found herself enjoying the ambience and company.

pic 1

My friend Reason4life and RationalOlive. Names withheld to protect the innocent.

pic 2

Reason4lifes daughter and her boyfriend. Names withheld again.

Some shots of the area showing the magnificent beauty of the area:

mohican river (2)

In this shot the river running next to the area where we had our cook-out. The water was clear and many people could not resist wading in the fairly fast moving water. This picture was taken from the covered bridge.

River bank at mohican

This is the river bank near where we sat.

mohican covered bridge (3)

The notable covered bridge at this point in Mohican. That’s my wife about to cross the bridge.

All in all one of the best days I have had of late. I sincerely hope to repeat this adventure again, real soon.

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