Conflict is Inevitable

The origins of life on this planet, the mechanism by which it occurred, are undeniable. From the smallest beginnings as microbiological single-celled life forms to present day multicellular life forms it is clear to see that conflict is inevitable. Competition between diverse life forms for available space and nutrients is a natural course of events. Natural selection is evident in all life forms as the less viable organisms wane and disappear under the onslaught by superior organisms.

Even in mankind the competition exhibited by the most primitive organisms manifests itself. Each individual competes for available resources. Congenial facades dissipate wherein competition for jobs, position, monetary reward, is present. Even your best friend will stab you in the back if it might mean a raise in reward or position, though they may try to apologize for crushing you beneath their feet.

Conflict is inherent in the species of mankind. Despite cerebral enhancement humankind is tied to the primal needs. The advent of socialization, also guided by evolution, for the purposes of survival though dampening the effects of competition does not eliminate the reality of competition within groups for position and a share of whatever bounty might exist.

Conflict between socialized groups also occurs in a struggle for available space and resources. These struggles, though mitigated by the realization that each group possesses the potential for destroying the entirety of mankind, continue unabated today.

Despite the stellar levels achieved by the advanced intellect of humans, the primitive drives still shape the behavior of mankind. Realizing that mankind is proceeding to unavoidable extinction by the poisons of his/her own making is insufficient to avert the approaching disaster. The competition continues for available resources and living space. In example: Elephants are proceeding towards extinction. The civilized world has criminalized the trade of ivory procurement. Nevertheless groups motivated by greed, or the simple need to eke out a living, continue to diminish the numbers of elephants through illegal poaching. World outcry is clear, the preservation of elephants is desired, yet, because of competition for available resources, elephants proceed toward extinction.

Global warming or cooling or the observation that change is taking place in earths climate is debated daily. The measures that are needed to initiate a reversal in climate change are debated, and deemed so severe by many factions that in the end nothing is decided. Unless these primitive drives are somehow controlled humans will face changes in climate which may lead to uninhabitable conditions or possibly conditions wherein mankind will perish in it’s own poisons.

There seems to be a paralysis of action, a kind of laissez-faire attitude towards the possible destruction of humanity by it’s own hands. Individual groups of individuals realize the course humanity is headed towards might mean the end but are unable to convince other groups. These other groups, blinded by their needs or suspecting devious schemes by those who see the future coming, reject the reality of the course of events as described.

In final analysis it is difficult to see a favorable conclusion. The very drives which have served organisms so well in the battle for survival may end up being the mechanism of life’s end.

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