Church-going Americans have grown increasingly intolerant of politicians. This intolerance was associated with issues such as abortion and gay rights. At the same time it was found that those asked said that they were growing bolder about pushing their beliefs on others, even at the risk of being offensive.

The truth hurts, but intolerance has become standard radical right  “Christian” teaching, and indeed something they are proud of.

The Christian radical right is not a majority of Christians, although they would very much like to be. It would be to their delight if they could force their belief onto the majority of Americans. They are advocating political goals, supporting monetarily those candidates which will further their goals.

Individuals like Antonio Scalia, James Dobson, and Billy Graham urge their followers to become intolerant.

Believers and non-believers both have a stake in maintaining and strengthening the Separation of Church and State.

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