Distorting the Minds of the Young

The religious indoctrinate their children in the most vulnerable years. In this way there is no contradictory information present that might interfere with the “programming”. With repetition these childhood lessons will become instilled in the child and remain with him/her into adulthood. Once the receptivity of childhood has passed the adult will more than likely retain the “programming” until death. Whereas in every other aspect of life these individuals will seem perfectly normal, when it comes to faith they will irrationally defend it despite the nature of any argument against it.

Religious dogma when adhered to, displaces the capacity of an individual to do critical thinking. This is true especially in the case of thought associated with belief.

Though appearing totally normal in every way, except when defending irrational beliefs, these people will forever be gullible to new manipulation as long as it is sown and maintained in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Faith is believing what you know ain’t true.” –said by Mark Twain so many years ago.


In adulthood these programmed individuals will always be seeking to bring the lord back by following his teachings. When they bring the lord back they know it will be the end of mankind, so, to hasten the end of mankind, they reason, would bring the lord sooner. If these individuals reach political office, that is when they become a danger for mankind. High office would lend them the means to bring their god back even sooner. Ever wonder why when a religious man, like George Bush or his father,  gets into office, we always end up in a war?


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