Schools Under Attack

Public schools in America have been and are still under attack. Poor achievement scores have lent to this building dissatisfaction with public education. Many have asserted that school vouchers are the answer. This, they argue, will allow people to send their children to private schools. Despite the dismal records of private schools, which have achievement levels only equal to, sometimes less, than public systems, the crescendo of voices supporting school vouchers has grown.

Many of these voices belong to parents whose religious beliefs shape what their idea of what education should encompass. If they can get public vouchers to pay the costs of their children attending a religious school then they would be able to insulate their children from concepts which contradict their faith. Also, as a desired side effect, the fact that the vouchers effectively remove money from the public school systems, they hope to bring down the public school system.

Churches used to be the central hub of education, and in many cases controlled local governments. The Dark Ages were indeed their period of premier dominance. Having failed to insert the ignorance of Creationism, or Intelligent Design into the school curriculum, bringing down the public school system has now become the goal so as to stop the teaching of those concepts adverse to religious belief. With Churches once again in charge of education, they hope, a return to faith will result.

Are we really willing to return to the time when Churches were in charge of education? The Dark Ages?

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