Possible Conspiracy


In the past our government found it necessary to experiment on citizens of this nation clandestinely. From the administration of LSD to soldiers, without their knowledge, to the non treatment of certain groups of black people with syphilis just to see how the disease progresses.

I don’t believe the government is the only agency that is experimenting with people. I suggest that business is attempting to create a more pliable and submissive work force by introducing certain treatments, perhaps via immunization shots to the public. If you can create an individual who will do what he or she is told, without question, and to submissively accept assignment to any duty and to accept dismissal on a moments notice due to poor economic times what a treasure that would be for business. Throw in qualities like the inability to relate to other people, thereby saving time by maintaining silence instead of talking to others, extreme focus and single mindedness, and the perfect factory worker is created.

Just so happens that autistic individuals have many of these qualities. Just so happens there have been many more autistic individuals found than in the past. Just so happens.

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