I know the feeling of those who are falsely accused of crimes. I have done nothing to deserve the treatment I am receiving. Nothing.

A callousness that I thought was not possible has been exercised against me. A meanness that is unwarranted.

Nevertheless, I must prevail, I must stay silent. That’s the only way to deflect, to turn the effects back to their origins.

These people that I have known all my life have exhibited inhuman qualities of which I thought them incapable. I misjudged them, I thought them good and decent people. I guess I was wrong.

They exhibit the same qualities of my fathers linage, whose family never reunited, and indeed seemed to loathe each other.

I have to conclude that I alone, retain my sanity. These people are dangerous quantities, who could harm my family if I allow it.

I suppose it is for the best that their insane nature limits them from making contact.

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