Isolation Difficult

Isolation imposed by the hypocrites around me is a burden that is difficult to manage. Adjusting is taxing, but occurring. Slowly but surely, as I realize who and what is really at the root cause of this dilemma, I see it is for the best. It is better to be starkly alone than to kneel down and believe in a myth just to get along. Even to pretend, and at this point that is all that could happen, would be an abandonment of principle.

Most cannot accept the truth that I have found. Even if I didn’t believe it true, it would still be so. It is a truth discovered, not fabricated as the Bible was created. It doesn’t matter what people believe, the truth endures.

There are no Gods, of any kind. I refuse to say there are just to be part of a crowd.

Why are people so immature that they need a God to comfort them, to delude them into believing they will never die. Don’t they have the courage to face death?  I accept death, for before I was born, I was nothing, and when I am gone, I will once again be nothing. This is the reality everyone faces.

Some like to believe in a fairy tale to mask their fear.

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