The Age of the Ignoramuses… October 23, 2018

One upon a time Christianity ruled, it was called the Dark Ages.

Such a period of ignorance can never be equaled, but there are those that are willing to try. There are the anti-vaxxers, the flat earthers, and even now the conservative right Christians persist in dismissing science and instead embracing ignorance.

Endangering everyone, the anti-vaxxers, despite information to the contrary believe that there is a conspiracy to harm people being carried out through vaccinations. It has been proven that autism has no origins in vaccinations. Yet, they continue to mouth the lie, just as a Christian keeps mouthing the lie that Noah existed and built an ark.

Flat-earthers foolishly maintain that the earth is not round as seen from space, or as ascertained from observing its curve, but instead flat. It is difficult to believe that they are sincere because of the stupidity that has to be believed to think the earth flat.

The Conservative right has dismissed the unanimous consensus of global warming proclaimed by scientists far and wide, and instead hold fast to the proclamations of their in-house idiots. They pursue policies that guarantee the end to human life with the thought in mind that science is lacking to prove a disaster lies ahead. Environmental roadblocks erected by previous administrations in an effort to hold annihilation at bay are blithely discarded by an idiot who has gained the top office because of the stupidity of the Democratic Party in promoting an unpopular woman no one wanted.

Soon enough, I suspect, the decline of humans will begin. A new age of Ignorance lies in the near future.

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