The Perfect Life Form… March 25, 2018

Assuming life occurs spontaneously via abiogenesis throughout the universe, can humanity possibly be indicative of what will be found on other worlds… as far as intelligent life forms? Are we to expect each life form to be as immoral, apathetic, and miserable has human beings?

Every human is capable of lying, cheating, and stealing. If given the right circumstances every human is capable of murder. Is this the kind of being that inhabits the various nooks and crannies of the universe? Is there no hope of finding a creature, though it be wise and not gullible, also incapable of lying, cheating, or stealing? A kind of being that says something and means it. Someone you can trust to keep their word and not be swayed by someone offering a bribe. Someone who obeys the law, assuming the laws are good, even when no one else is looking. For example, someone who in the middle of the night when no one else is on the street… still obeys the speed limit.

As is, no human can be trusted to do what they say they will do. “Trust no one” is the meme of the day, weeks, years, decades, etc.

I honestly cannot see how evolution can produce such a superior creature. Since no such creature exists on this earth it can be presumed that evolution produced all creatures. The only hope for such a creature to exist would be one that is artificial, a construct. Extreme care would need to be taken to insure that it would not be contaminated by human behaviorisms. Refinement would have to be an ongoing measure afterwards, with machine producing machine… refined to moral perfection.

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