Lying, As an Art… March 18, 2018

robot profile AMen lie, it is true, however, because many men are steeped in discipline, if not by military sources, but by the demands of society, more men than women are likely to speak the truth.

Women have always been given special treatment by society, treatment in the same way children are given. Assumptions are also made about women by our gynocentric society. It is erroneously assumed that women are of a higher moral order. As traditional care givers they are given credit for possessing empathy and compassion over and above what a male can ever possess.

Whereas it is not erroneous to think that most women are better at caring for children… that caring is only for children… for any others it is absent to a high degree and no higher than a man’s.

Women twist the truth, or lie outright for many reasons. Sometimes it is the fear of punishment, men will do that too. Other times it is solely for the purposes of manipulating men. In that purpose women have refined the technique of lying to a fine art. Lies are used to get what they want. Be it the punishment of other men by manipulating some white knight into action, a white knight who mistakenly thinks he will gain sexual favors from the woman, or simply for the purposes of destroying a man, his career and life.

The percentage of difference between men and women as to lying is small… yet I would assert without hesitation, that where men are concerned, women are more likely to lie than men.

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