The Politically Correct are Liars…

The politically correct crowd are the most prolific of prevaricators today. They are expert at double-speak.

While speaking against racism and bigotry, they use racism and bigotry. They speak of justice while committing injustices.

They are out to change society into their concept of utopia and they do not care how many people have to be hurt or die or how many lies they have to tell to accomplish it.

They are also called SJWs, social justice warriors.

They speak of a desire for diversity, but that “diversity” is code for discrimination against white males. They commit injustices to correct what they “feel” is an injustice, not realizing that it involves eliminating free choice.

The Politically correct and SJWs are the worst thing to come along since feminism, which used many of the same tactics to destroy men’s careers and lives.


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