Hopeless… January 28, 2018

human extinction 5An examination of the human condition reveals that the body human, the collective if you will, is terminally flawed. Aware of its plight though it is, the whole together is incapable of diverting from its path of sure destruction. Without cooperation from the whole, no part on its own can deter the final result: extinction.

The problem is there are too many captains. Compared to a ship, the human race is dead in the water. It is paralyzed by positives and negatives which sum out to zero. human extinction 14

As resources and space are diminished conflict will increase. The prophecy of doom is quickened. Even the rats cannot escape the ship… there is no where to go. Depending on how the end is played out, the earth will either become a barren burnt out cinder or a paradise for the animals that survive. Will humanity have one great burst of violence creating the barren cinder, or will it just deflate and pass. For the sake of other creatures, I hope the latter.

human extinction1

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