Fools For God… January 14, 2018

The man or woman up front has been trained in how to fleece the flock. They are called pastors, preachers, reverends, or priests. They carefully ply their craft planting seeds (mental viruses) within the thoughts of those who have come to praise. Guilt is a plentiful commodity and each person present receives a hefty helping. All of these people, so gullible, so innocent, have real needs. The lecher up front will use those needs to take from those who have little to nothing left. Again, guilt, with a little hellfire on the side, is served up. Those with nothing give what little they have to fill the plate for the sly devil in disguise.

Fake healings, fake miracles, and claims of miracles that happened without any divine cause, but were convenient happenings. The man behind the curtain stands boldly in front, manipulating the crowd… there is no god evident, but everyone “feels” god’s presence anyway. Such empty heads, so gullible, begging to be told things, and there are always those willing to fill those empty spaces between the ears.

The evangelists are the worst of the lot… living in huge mansions while the flock lives in squalor. They drive big expensive cars, fly huge planes, and perform their charade in  huge palaces with ornate fittings. They want for nothing in the quest for more wealth.

Jesus never existed, but if he had, and did come back I daresay a lot of the bodies of evangelists and other greedy manipulators of the poor and miserable would burn for years in the stack Jesus would build.

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