Fifty Years? November 13, 2017

Fifty years?
I am not entirely sure that humanity will endure another fifty years.

There are too many factions pushing this way, or pulling that way… consensus that anything is wrong at all, is also not available.

One group makes strides in curbing pollution, another erases that progress by insisting that it won’t hurt to pollute a little more.

Another group negotiates away a perceived Armageddon, it is negated by a group that wants Armageddon.

The only thing at all positive is that the march to annihilation slows a step or two before a headlong rush is resumed.

Some people still retain their idealistic hopes, they recycle, reuse, or go green in some other way. Yet, all of their efforts are for naught, their neighbors throw their trash in the street, keep driving smoke belching old cars, or burn up our planet and its resources in some other way.

A helpless paralysis is observed by an indifferent spectator.

The whole of humanity is doomed… by the whole of humanity.

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