That’s Right, I’m Not Politically Correct… September 2, 2017

I am not politically correct.

The advantage of being a solitary figure rather than a member of a group is that you can be less affected by “groupthink”. This term seems to refer to members of a group conforming to the same views on issues, views which are not necessarily the correct views as pertains to fact.

Members of a group under “groupthink” hold particular views and these views cannot be affected by evidence any more than the views of the religious can be affected by criticism. The members, just like the members of religious groups, will defend their point of view even in the face of conflicting fact as resolutely as any zealous fanatical believer.

To gain a vast audience many writers will cater to these groups and try to become the unofficial spokesman of the group. The writer does not necessarily subscribe to the views of these groups but appears to for the sake of the adoration of his/her readers.

They are politically correct.

Conclusion: Most humans belong to groups with the accompanying ideologies.
I am not politically correct and will not cater to unfounded ideologies.
Therefore… my audience is small and will stay that way. It will be composed of those who are not affected by groupthink, or are solitary thinkers like myself. That’s good enough for me.

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