Negative Evidence of a Designer….

God as a concept has been described as imagining something which there is nothing greater than. This would imply total perfection. Such a god would be so perfect that it could not create anything that was not perfect as well. This perfection, if the god was perfect, would be incorruptible. It would stay perfect and never degrade regardless of circumstances. The moment it degraded is the moment that god would be revealed as flawed.

God created everything, it is claimed. Nothing is excepted.

Therefore, if one flaw in any of god’s work is found, that god would be revealed as flawed.

The Christian god is claimed to be such a god, perfect, perfect, perfect. To find one flaw any where in anything would therefore disprove that god, or at the very least, prove that god less than advertised.

The human body itself contains numerous flaws. Remember, it would take only one flaw to discount a perfect god.

Flaws in the human body, flaws that could only transpire if evolution were the designer:

  1. The Pharynx. Unlike many creatures which obviously were more favored, humans must use the same tube for ingesting food as for breathing… leading to many deaths.
  2. The urinary tract in men passes through the prostate, leading to many problems in older men.
  3. Our lower backs are made more for four-legged walking than walking upright leading to many problems.
  4. The Blind Spot in our eyes. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

And many more → here

However, we needed only one, just one, to fell the notion of a perfect god.

Do I expect this to sway the believer? No. Desperation will find some way to explain this all away and somehow retain a perfect god making incredibly flawed things. That is the nature of faith… to keep believing when all is lost, in this case, when it is proved that your god is false. Faith to march right over the cliff because you have been told you can fly.

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