Where Art Thou, Father? August 13, 2017

It amazes me that in this time we still have people who believe in religion. Yes, it is trueClear sky between light and dark clouds that science has shrunken the credibility of religion by great measure… but it persists.

There are people who believe that god sees all, knows all, and is everywhere at once.

Then, where is he when…
→you get mugged
→a bank is robbed
→a baby or child is afflicted with cancer or other defect
→a plane crashes killing all aboard
→a tornado takes out your home and family
→people are starving in countries worldwide
→your daughter is raped and buried alive

god 2If it is as the religious claim… god is everywhere, he watches… he knows…
The tragedies occur anyway as god lifts not one of his mighty fingers to intervene.

He is called a heavenly father by many. If your father watched while you were beaten, raped, or murdered and did nothing what kind of father would he be?

In war, opposing countries both claim god is on their side aiding them. If god exists and yet the war is waged, what is god doing? Is god watching, doing nothing while his children strike, maim, and kill one another? Is he sitting on a sofa-like cloud with Jesus at his side, a few guests in? Are they placing bets?

Things happen. There are no entities watching… neither good, or evil. The only evil or good exists solely in the minds of human beings. devil 2

The mother that drives a van with her children on board into the lake is simply deranged. No demon has possessed her. No angel urges her on. She is mentally ill.

The man that beats his wife into submission is not prompted to do so by demons or even god. He is simply deranged… mentally ill. The evil exists in his mind and no where else.

The concept of god, and the idea of demons and evil is just an excuse. Humans are responsible and only humans can stop it. No amount of praying will stop it. Praying is like turning your tires in the mud… or perhaps more like trying to turn your tires in the mud but you are out of gas. Only people can influence other people.

I do not know whether the human race will ever grow out of thinking some bearded old fellow is looking down watching them like some wise parent. It’s part of the infantile circuitry reasserting itself. It is comforting to many to think there is something up in the sky more powerful than they are, ready to jump to their aid whenever necessary. For some whose relatives have departed it is comforting to think that they will see them again some day. To me there seems something so debilitating in those thoughts. Something so immature. Indeed, something very dangerous.

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