Gawd in the Schools…. May 28, 2017

Many Christians bemoan often, too often, that Gawd has been taken out of the schools. By this they seem to mean that religious instruction and rituals have been forbidden for the administrators of school systems.

The error here is clear.

The melting pot that is the United States is a mixture of people from around the world. There are differing cultures and beliefs.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of religion.

The majority religion in the United States is Christian. Perhaps as a result of this many mistakenly think that the United States is a Christian Nation. The Constitution’s instructions preempts that thought.

Public schools cannot teach or endorse any one religion because of the edict mandating freedom of religion. To demand that schools teach religion of a certain variety is to forcefully demand all accept your religion. Freedom of religion cannot and does not exist under those conditions.

The administration of Trump now contains a number of fanatical Christians. To circumvent the mandate that the public schools be free of religious endorsement these people wish to have voucher systems so that their children can attend Christian schools at taxpayer expense. The public schools would suffer a tremendous loss of financial support. It is clear that these Trump operatives would rather have public schools disappear.

Sending their children to church on Sundays or various days of the week is insufficient for these Christians. They want all instruction to be made with the Biblical in mind. They do not care that not everyone believes in their fantasy, they wish to force all to believe in their fantasy.

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