The Hopelessly Flawed Organism … November 20, 2016

Humanity as a whole does not care enough. They do not care about each other sufficiently. They are selfish. Most live for the day but not for the tomorrow.

Greed brings the exploitation of the world’s resources. Irreplaceable commodities are being depleted without care for the future and instead for the profit that might be gained today. 

No effort is made to attenuate population growth. There are meager suggestions and futile efforts put forth by the well meaning, but without the urgency that might elicit compliance. Imminent extinction of humanity needs to be taken more seriously.

Other creatures than human are slowly being eradicated: their living space preempted by human expansion. Lions, elephants, and rhinoceros will soon be left only to zoos, until the space occupied by zoos is needed for continued human expansion.

Humans arose through evolution. Evolution failed to endow humanity with sufficient compassion and caring. It is true that many can recognize that more is needed, but even those many do not seem to comprehend the urgency.

Wildlife organizations solicit for donations, but year after year, the tide against wildlife worsens and the call for donations increases. There seems no return for invested donations.

If there were some optimism to be found I am unable to locate it.

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