The Narrative is All That Matters… To Hell With the Future…July 24, 2016

Robot thinking AThe media and the politically correct are manipulating public opinion and forcing societal change without regard to whether it is positive or negative.

One aspect is conservative the other very liberal. A tug of war is present in society.

The conservative is very pro-business and religion. The liberal is pro-minority, any minority, and anti-white male.

The conservative want to take us back to the dark ages. The liberal want to take us… too far the other way.

The liberal narrative is that white males are racist, the police are targeting blacks, that women are presently being oppressed by rich white males, and that Republicans are ignorant white males.

The conservative narrative is that this is a Christian country and the founders meant it to be, the democrats want to take away guns, Christians should be in charge of the country and atheists should never be in public office, that churches should be able to tell people how to vote, that liberals and atheists are immoral, and that Democrats are stupid.

Liberal media promotes liberal narratives, conservative media promotes conservative narratives.

Neither one is the purveyor of pure truth.

It would be disastrous to have either side totally in charge.

Conservatives would have everyone convert to Christianity. Atheism would be outlawed. Church attendance would be obligatory. To speak against religion would carry heavy fines, prison sentences, and most likely, for blasphemy: death. War would be an ever present issue.

The liberals would have only women in charge. Men would be reduced to second class status, with white males the lowest. Money would be poured heavily into women’s health and issues exclusively. No one would be able to criticize gender orientation, race, or any current SJW concern. Men’s education would be attenuated, women’s expanded… sports scholarships, in short supply for men since Title IX, will be eliminated. There would be women only clubs, businesses, taxis, and other spaces. Women’s objectification would be forbidden, men’s objectification, never an issue for these SJWs, would continue. Gender orientation will be attacked feverishly with the object of eliminating it. Family will be a thing of the past.

Keep in mind that these scenarios are based on extreme left and extreme right groups being in charge. I do not believe they are exaggerations for these groups.

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