List of the Untrustworthy … May 7, 2016

A list of groups of individuals who I have found Untrustworthy.

  1. Conservative far right
  2. Progressive left
  3. Libertarians
  4. Green Party
  5. Politicians
  6. Feminists
  7. Humanists

Part thereof, but not listed: criminals, dictators, Big business, the rich, and more.

Members of those listed may not be all untrustworthy, but many have been found to be so and all should be scrutinized carefully before lending support.

More as time progresses.

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6 Responses to List of the Untrustworthy … May 7, 2016

  1. jasonjshaw says:

    Uh oh, what did the Humanists do?

  2. drenn1077 says:

    On the 6th of May I sent a message to the Facebook site of American Humanists Association.I asked them if I could be a member without supporting feminism. The Admin responded “No”. I told them it was sexist to have a feminist branch and not a men’s rights branch. The Admin responded “Have a nice day”, then I noticed I was blocked from their Facebook site.

  3. jasonjshaw says:

    Maybe the version of feminism the admin had in mind is of the equal rights variety and not of the internet lunatic variety? Not everyone is up on how much feminism has been losing the plot the past few years – and it’s not necessarily all segments of feminism that are off their rocker.

    I take it that you have come across issues in particular with the Humanist Feminists?

  4. drenn1077 says:

    After arguing for hours with feminists on the AHA site, it is my sad duty to report that despite any arguments to the contrary… all feminists are indeed like that.
    With the exception of only one feminist that was able to speak civilly, all of them were caustic.
    If feminists were about equality… they wouldn’t be called feminists.

  5. jasonjshaw says:

    I’d hazard to say that the persecution-complex segment of feminism is ironically oppressing the equal-rights segment. A shame that so-called-humanists are unable to catch on to such problems.

  6. drenn1077 says:

    I would hastily add, that the persecution-complex segment is dominant, and also the majority.

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